For its peace and silence, sweet smalls and colors that somehow grown together with the island in this crazy world there is still a place that is not wasted by the time.


"Prvić is the nearest of all the islands to Šibenik, and is that close to overpopulated and crowded Vodice that you can even swim to it. That’s why it is amazing that very few people know about Prvić."
(Jurica Pavičić, Jutarnji list)

Prvić is a picturesque little island in Šibenik archipelago in central part of Adriatic sea. In the past people used to hide here from Turks and today they hide from stressful and busy lifestyle.

Although small by surface and population, it is an island full of rich tradition that reaches all the way to Antique times and keeps discovering itself. Five hundred years ago it was a nobleman’s resort where even great 17th century inventor Faust Vrančić, who is burried in a local church, was looking for inspiration. In his honour, with a little help from EU, Memorial centre was opened only a short walk from our hotel.

There are two small villages on the island, Šepurine on island’s west side and Prvić Luka on south-east. To get from one side to the other you can only take a walk because there are no cars on Prvić. Using small paths and bike trail you can discover whole island without getting tired. Nothing is far away on Prvić.

If you decide not to come, we will not mind. You will help us keep Prvić a small place without many tourists.

  • Village view

    Village view

  • Harbour view

    Harbour view

  • Land view

    Land view

  • Prvić Luka

    Prvić Luka


    Island Prvić is located in central part of Adriatic in Sibenik archipelago between Vodice and Šibenik at 50 km from the Airport Zadar and Airport Split.

    You can reach island by regular boat line that runs few times a day from Sibenik and Vodice. You can download boat schedule for off season and main season:
    For a modest fee a taxi boat can take you to and from the island anytime.

    You have to leave your vehicle, if any, on the shore.